Climate Neutrality in Cities: Italian Workshop “Alignment between National Initiatives. The Role of Ambassadors promoted by the CapaCITIES project”

On May 8th, a workshop on “Climate Neutrality in Cities: Alignment between National Initiatives. The Role of Ambassadors promoted by the CapaCITIES project” took place in Rome at the ENEA headquarters on Lungo Tevere Thaon de Revel 76. The event was coordinated by ENEA, represented by Paola Clerici Maestosi, and CNR, represented by Monica Salvia and Filomena Pietrapertosa.

The CapaCITIES project, financed under the Horizon Europe program, aims to coordinate actions to support the initiatives of the “100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030” Mission. The main goal is to support and connect national and regional authorities, ministries, and agencies responsible for urban transition in their efforts to implement the Mission nationally, in order to leverage synergies and align actions towards common objectives.

Participants: MUR- Ministry of University and Research, Nec Platform – Agenda21,  MASE Ministry of Environment, EU Climate Pact / Climate Alliance Italy, EU Climate Pact Ambassadors / EuCliPa.IT), Bologna Municipality for Mission 100CNC, ANCI National Association of Local Authorities,  Net Zero City Platform,  National delegate EU Mission 100 CNC, National delegate HE Cluster on Climate, Energy, and Mobility of Horizon Europe, Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Italiae Project, Legambiente), EnergiaMedia, APRE.

The event was a satellite event of the European Climate Pact. The foundations were laid for the creation of a network of national ambassadors committed to the development of the Italian national platform as a collaborative multi-stakeholder space. The medium-term objective is to institutionalize the national platform as other European states, including Sweden, Spain, Austria, and Romania, have already done.

More information about the CapaCITIES project, activities supporting Mission 100CNC, and news on institutionalized and non-institutionalized national platforms can be found at the link