The CapaCITIES Learning Portfolio

In December 2023 the CapaCITIES learning portfolio has been published. This comprehensive document compiles the key learnings resulted from the CapaCITIES project and answers to different types of knowledge that actors in the ecosystem need to practice and implement sustainable change in line with the Cities Mission. Consequently, it is structured along six main areas which refer to the core challenges and activities of the CapaCITIES Core Countries.

With its open language and easy-to-use form, the Learning Portfolio is aimed at a variety of audiences – from experts and project partners engaged in CapaCITIES to everyone, interested in supporting climate neutral cities or looking to educate themselves on the topic. There are multiple ways in which the Learning Portfolio can be used – whether deep reading or simply referencing, find more tips in the portfolio’s How to Use section. The #Index and a set of #Hashtags for each section are there to help searching for relevant material across sections and subcategories.

Please have a look at the CapaCITIES Learning Portfolio clicking here.

Additional learning material will be added in the future. Material watermarked with In Progress and will be updated once available.

Furthermore, the Learning Portfolio is a collaborative undertaking, so your feedback and suggestions are welcome at