The CapaCITIES project presented at the Italian event “What tools for the energy transition of the cities?”

On the 18th of December 2023, a seminar focusing on the energy transition of cities towards climate neutrality was held in Brescia (Italy) as part of the 2ISECAP project. The event was organised and hosted by the University of Brescia in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of the Province of Brescia and the Italian National Centre for Urban Studies.

Speakers representing the cities of Padova, Bologna and Firenze, i.e. three of the nine Italian Municipalities selected to join the EU Mission “100 Climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030” provided interesting insights into the joint energy and climate planning process they are undertaking to achieve the ambitious “net zero” target of the European Green Deal.

The event was an important opportunity to inform the diverse audience on the progress of the CapaCITIES project activities, which aims to support national and regional authorities in advancing their governance structures and strengthening their dedicated support to cities to achieve the goals of the climate neutral Cities Mission.

Luigi Santopietro, from the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council (CNR-IMAA), presented the activities conducted within the framework of Task 5.3 on the creation of a network of national ambassadors to strengthen awareness of the urgency and potential of urban transitions towards climate neutrality in the 15 core countries of CapaCITIES.