Viable Cities Climate Breakfast: “Följeforskning” – a new breed of transition research

On the 22nd of May the Viable Cities Climate Breakfast will be dedicated to “följeforskning”. In Swedish this concept is related to action research and developmental evaluation, where the researcher joins a team of practitioners to do research together with them and provide continuous feedback, reflections and results based on theory to impact in real-time the quality and direction of the work. Together with three researchers who have all done ”följeforskning” with cities involved in Viable Cities program ”Climate Neutral Cities 2023”, this kind of approach will be explored, in terms of its relevance in accelerating the transition to climate neutral cities and the role it can play for both cities and national support platforms.

This event will be in English and will be moderated by Dr Lena Holmberg, Lund University, and provided in collaboration with CapaCITIES.

For more information on the event and on how to participate in it, please visit the Climate Breakfast webpage.