Critical Issues of the 15-minute City

Co-Creating inputs on the central challenges for DUT’s 15mC Position Paper

2 October 2023, 13:00 – 16:30, online


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Deadline: 17 September, 2023


The Driving Urban Transitions Partnership is one of many actors that apply the 15-minute City concept to explore its potentials and limitations for driving the urban mobility transition. While doing so, we repeatedly plan to make our deliberations, findings and results public to a wider audience on the one hand. On the other, we seek to co-create with allies and engaged stakeholders on essential topics and critical issues around the 15-minute City concept. Both will be part of the upcoming Position Paper that will be prepared until end of the year.

Thus, the next AGORA Dialogue for the 15mC Transition Pathway will take the afternoon to work together on discussing, defining and preparing inputs for the Position Paper. We want to invite you to share and bring your expertise to a curated section on the status quo of central critical issues within the 15-minute City, in a form that is easy to access and understand.

The identified critical issues that we want to discuss with you are:

  • CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING: What do we mean when we talk about the 15-minute City?
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: How can we ensure that the 15-minute City promotes a just urban mobility transition where nobody is left behind?
  • INVOLVEMENT OF PEOPLE: How can we ensure that the 15-minute City embraces the variety of urban lifestyles and offers people an active role in the urban mobility transition?
  • FROM LOCAL TO BIG PICTURE: How can the 15-minute City look like in low-density and suburban neighbourhoods and what is needed for implementation?
  • ORGANISING THE TRANSITION: What can the 15-minute City contribute to organise and speed up the urban mobility transition, tackling the essential and most urgent issues?
  • ROLE OF LOGISTICS: How can the sustainable transport of goods be ensured when people should move less (far) in the 15-minute city?

So, let’s reflect on the central potentials and limitations of the 15-minute City concept to take the discussion forward.


What can you expect from your participation in the AGORA Dialogue?

  • Exchange, discuss, co-create: You will have the possibility to join an engaged group of change makers, urban practitioners, researchers and others in discussions on what is needed to drive urban transitions.
  • Networking: You will be able to connect to the AGORA community, the informal stakeholder network maintained by Driving Urban Transitions Partnership.
  • Combine practical exchange of experiences with a site visit and exciting discussions on the 15-Minute-City concept
  • Contribute to Driving Urban Transitions’ thematic priority development regarding the 15-minute City


Target groups for the workshops: Representatives of public administrations, non-governmental and grassroots initiatives, creative and cultural sectors, urban policy makers on various levels, representatives of business and companies, research and innovation community and all urban change makers working in the field of urban transitions.

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