AGORA Thematic Dialogue – Circular Urban Economies

Reflecting on CUE priorities for the DUT Call 2024: Embracing System Innovation and Place-Based Methodologies and Approaches

23 October, 2023, 9:00 – 18:00 (WEST)
Estúdio Time Out in Lisbon, Portugal


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Deadline: 13 October, 2023


As we navigate the challenges posed by rapid urbanisation and environmental concerns, it has become increasingly evident that paradigmatic shifts are necessary: new solutions to urban issues are crucial.

The Circular Urban Economies Transition Pathway in the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership (DUT) aims to promote cities that are not only efficient but also regenerative, ensuring optimal use of resources while minimizing waste. One of the main tasks of DUT is to design and launch yearly calls for research and innovation projects, and this AGORA Dialogue is part of the scoping process for the DUT Call in 2024.

This AGORA Dialogue will provide a platform to engage in insightful discussions on how systems thinking and place-based methodologies and approaches, can transform the way we design, implement, and evaluate urban policies and initiatives. By understanding the specific context and needs of a city, while keeping a systems perspective in play, we can develop strategies that are not only effective but also culturally and socially relevant. Priorities that align to such approaches relevant for next year’s DUT Call.


Key emphases of the workshop

  • System Innovation Approaches: Addressing complex urban challenges requires a holistic understanding of interconnected systems. Through thought-provoking discussions and case studies, we aim to explore how system innovation can drive transformative change and lead to more sustainable urban environments.
  • Place-Based Methodologies and Approaches: Every urban context is unique, and solutions must be tailored to local conditions. This AGORA Dialogue event will spotlight the significance of place-based methodologies and approaches in developing strategies that resonate with the cultural, social, environmental and economic fabric of specific urban settings.


What can you expect from your participation in the AGORA Dialogue?

  • Engage with an engaged group of change makers, urban practitioners, researchers and others to gain fresh insights into circular urban transition concepts.
  • Contribute to the development of call priorities that can drive research, policy, and action in circular issues in European cities and beyond.
  • Network with professionals in the AGORA community, the informal stakeholder network maintained by the DUT Partnership, who are at the forefront of driving sustainable urban development.


Target groups for the workshops: Representatives of public administrations, non-governmental and grassroots initiatives, creative and cultural sectors, urban policy makers on various levels, representatives of business and companies, research and innovation community and all urban change makers working in the field of urban transitions.

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InC2 Circular Cities Conference
This AGORA event is back-to-back with the InC2 Circular Cities Conference taking place on 24 October, in Lisbon, Portugal. Combine your participation at the inC2 Circular Cities Conference with exciting discussions on Circular Urban Economies. Simultaneous translation to English will be available at the InC2 Circular Cities Conference.

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