AGORA Thematic Dialogue – Quo Vadis, PED?

Reflecting on the Role of Positive Energy Districts on the Road to Climate Neutrality

19 October, 2023, 14:00-17:00 CET, online


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Deadline: 30 September 2023


Positive Energy Districts – or elements of the PED concept – have been integrated into both national and municipal policies and strategies. We now have evidence from dozens of PED projects, case studies and Living Labs, coming from Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe Calls, JPI Urban Europe/DUT Calls, national calls and local ambitions.

The PED AGORA brings together findings and discusses the implications for further developing the PED concept and its integration into the climate-neutrality discourse:

    • What are the key learnings from these projects and case studies?
    • How do cities take up PEDs?
    • How can we improve the PED narrative for cities and their residents?
    • Where are the gaps of the PED concept and how do we (re-)balance the key objectives?
    • How do we promote the multi-level spatial aspect in the PED concept?

The PED development so far

It has been quite a journey since the PED Programme as a joint initiative between the SET Plan and JPI Urban Europe started in 2018. The PED concept has been thoroughly explored by researchers in the EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities, the Urban Europe Research Area (UERA), the PED-EU-NET COST Action and the IEA EBC Annex 83. The PED concept went global, with the launch of the Mission Innovation Urban Transitions Mission and cooperation with the Belmont Forum. Since 2022, the PED Programme has been integrated into the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership as one of three thematic foci. With the Green Deal and specifically the Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities, EU policies have put a strong focus on cities and municipalities as key drivers for achieving the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Your input matters

The PED AGORA invites a diverse range of stakeholders active in the energy transition and urban transformation issues to join the discussion and workshop on 19 October. The outcome will feed into the DUT PED call priorities and the strategic development of the PED concept.

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What can you expect from your participation in the AGORA Dialogue?

    • Exchange, discuss, co-create: You will have the possibility to join an engaged group of change makers, urban practitioners, researchers and others in discussions on what is needed to drive urban transitions.
    • Networking: You will be able to connect to the AGORA community, the informal stakeholder network maintained by Driving Urban Transitions Partnership.
    • Combine a practical exchange of experiences with a site visit and exciting discussions on the PED concept.
    • Contribute to Driving Urban Transitions’ thematic priority development regarding Positive Energy districts (PEDs).

Target groups for the workshops: Representatives of public administrations, non-governmental and grassroots initiatives, creative and cultural sectors, urban policy makers on various levels, representatives of business and companies, research and innovation community and all urban change makers working in the field of urban transitions.


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