AGORA Thematic Dialogue: Making space for regenerative urbanism

Online, 14 December – 13.00-17.00 CET

Sustainable urbanism has long been dominated by a harm-reduction
paradigm. In contrast to this, regenerative urbanism seeks to create net-positive outcomes for people and the planet. Central to regenerative urbanism is also the recognition of that all human activities are intimately connected to and dependent on ‘nature’.

The AGORA Thematic Dialogue “Making space for regenerative urbanism” will bring
together urban actors and change makers from research and innovation, local public
administration, urban doers communities, SMEs, businesses, civil society associations.
The aims are to a.) consolidate the state of the art, experiences and project results
relevant to regenerative urbanism; b.) consider selected issues in detail to develop a
comprehensive picture of regarding regenerative neighbourhoods; c.) identify the
most pressing issues and dilemmas for future DUT activities, including joint calls.

The AGORA Dialogue will be producing a deeper understanding of three under-explored themes crucial to the transition from sustainable to regenerative urbanism:

  • Biophilic urban design and architecture
  • Unsealing urban land use for healthy soils
  • Creative and cultural practices

This workshop builds upon the results of the AGORA Thematic Dialogue “Unfolding
dilemmas of regenerative green neighbourhoods” from June 2021 and the AGORA
Session “Building radically regenerative urban public spaces” organised in the scope
of the European Placemaking Week 2022 in Pontevedra, Spain. The outcomes of the
workshop will be used to co-develop a publication on the identified topics together
with the participants of all events, which will be published in 2023.

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