Urban Lunch Talk #23 – The Role of Activism in Urban Transitions

21 November | 12:00-13:00 (CET) | Online (Zoom)


Welcome to a new episode of the Urban Lunch Talks series addressing the theme Urban transitions in times of crisis. This episode will explore the role of activism in urban transitions.

Throughout history, activism has been a driving force for societal transformation, amplifying citizens’ voices in urban planning processes. While traditionally viewed as a catalyst for radical social movements and political influence, the definition of activism has evolved. Activism is not just about protesting; it is about catalysing transformation in various ways. From reclaiming green spaces to demanding sustainable transportation options, activists can play a pivotal role in shaping the cities we yearn for.

During this webinar, we will delve into the power of activism in shaping our cities and discuss how it contributes to urban transformations. Our guest panel will explore the strategies, challenges, and successes of activism in driving positive change in urban spaces.

Join us for a dynamic discussion around the collaborative potential of researchers, urban planners, architects, citizens, policymakers, and community actors. By facilitating conversations among various stakeholders, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts and practical solutions that can drive sustainable transitions in urban policies and practices.

Speakers include:

Maija Faehnle – Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), Built Environment Solutions
Joshua Grigsby – Researcher, University of Vienna & Co-director at Smarter Than Car
Gunnar Grandel – Researcher at TU Vienna, part of Kollektiv Raumstation and Bureau für Selbstorganisierung
Hannah Niemand – Architect, part of Kollektiv Raumstation

Moderator: Jennifer Wendelius – Communications Officer, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership


Watch the recording of the webinar on the DUT YouTube channel.


Urban Lunch Talk webinar series

This Urban Lunch Talk is part of a webinar series to discuss and synthesize cross-cutting research and innovation, with diverse stakeholders across Europe and beyond. The webinar is designed to be more of a listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your lunch or take a walk at the same time. The Urban Lunch Talk is live-recorded on Zoom, and later published for the Driving Urban Transitions’ YouTube channel.

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