Urban Lunch Talk #28

Repurposing Spaces in Neighbourhoods: Bridging Local Challenges with Societal Ambitions

17 June | 12:00-13:00 (CET) | Online (Zoom)

In this webinar we will discuss three papers from the recent publication ‘Towards Regenerative Neighbourhoods: European Cases, Insights, and Initiatives’. This publication compiles specific examples and provides insights into what regenerative urbanism implies at the neighbourhood scale

Market dynamics and traditional real estate management models make it challenging for communities to find collective facilities where to implement circularity practices at the neighbourhood level. From a workshop that repairs a chair for a second-hand store, to facilities where neighbours can share goods and experiences, circularity-oriented practices need to find their way into cities in Europe.  

Connecting communities in repurposed spaces is key to ramp up sustainability efforts and increase circularity in cities. Inviting people to collectively reimagine urban spaces and maximise its value is one of the methods used to facilitate social sharing, revitalising areas and establishing circularity practices in local communities. 

With local communities in focus, experts will answer to questions such as what activities can make communities connect over revitalising public spaces? How could designing shared activities in a neighbourhood, such as gardening and cooking, impact communities? How can vacant buildings and underutilised first floors be repurposed for facilitating circular economy?  

Join us for our upcoming Urban Lunch Talk, where we’ll explore how to bridge local challenges with societal ambitions in circular urban economies. 


    • Annita Douka, Architect, Placemaker and Interaction Designer
    • Diego Luna Quintanilla, Architect, Urban designer and strategic planner
    • Elena Giunta, Design Director and Adjunct Professor
    • Ann Maudsley, Senior Research Officer and Coordinator at Driving Urban Transitions partnership


    • Ana Calvo, Communications Officer, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership


Urban Lunch Talk webinar series

This Urban Lunch Talk is part of a webinar series to discuss and synthesise cross-cutting research and innovation, with diverse stakeholders across Europe and beyond. By facilitating conversations among various stakeholders, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts and practical solutions that can drive sustainable transitions in urban policies and practices. The webinar is designed to be more of a listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your lunch or take a walk at the same time. The Urban Lunch Talk is live recorded on Zoom, and later published on the Driving Urban Transitions YouTube channel.

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