Mission-Led Community Change Masterclass

20-22 March, Maribor, Slovenia

During this training, we will use collaborative learning approaches to help you to adopt a mission-led mindset; and to explore ways that you can use a mission-led approach to help organise, plan, and manage radical change for your organisation and community. You will gain knowledge and confidence to help your community take a mission-led approach to change.

Is This Course Right for You?

  • Are you passionate about your community and trying to make positive/holistic change happen in some way?
  • Do you have some understanding of the equity, sustainability, climate, and socio-economic challenges facing your community, and others?
  • Are you frustrated by the persistent gap between changes currently being achieved and what you see is really needed?
  • Are you looking for help and ideas on how you, your organisation, your community and/or your partners could do much better?

You could work for any type of organisation, or be an independent individual. Everyone is welcome. No specific academic training is required.


A Mission-Led Approach to Community Change

To meet the challenges of the 21st century, our communities need to make rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes. Otherwise, we face compounding, critical social and ecological crises.

Although this has been clear for some time, communities in most places are still only managing slow, incremental and fragmented change. This is insufficient to address the systemic challenges that we face, and their underlying drivers. Clearly we need to find better ways of working together and making change happen.

Taking a mission-led approach to community change pushes us to find ways to achieve the speed and scale of systemic change that will enable our communities to genuinely thrive through the 21st century.


The course held by Korimako and Thriving Communities in partnership with the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership.

Read more about the course here.