December 2023

Accelerate Europe’s Urban Transition. Share your Best Example of a Circular Urban Economy Case

Do you know of an example that showcases circular urban economy in Europe? Your expertise is needed. With the support of Sweco, the DUT Partnership is seeking the top 100 circular urban economy cases across European cities and towns.

The DUT Partnership boosts urban transitions through its three thematic priorities – the Transition Pathways. One of the Transition Pathways, Circular Urban Economies (CUE), aims to support cities to become more resource efficient and reduce their impact on the planet. CUE encourages cities to implement circular measures that address socio-economic inequalities, promote social cohesion, and improve access to urban resources, services, and green areas.

DUT is now looking for best practice cases of circular urban economy in Europe. Get involved by submitting information about a case here:

Access the questionnaire.


Be a part of the journey, join us in accelerating Europe’s circular urban economy

Sweco is supporting the DUT programme by creating a database of best-practice cases that addresses the circular urban economy. Data collection will take place during 2023-2024 and serves to accelerate the circular urban economy across European cities and towns.


Everyone can help to accelerate the urban transition to a
circular economy. Please share examples that you come
across. Imagine that your case is listed as part of the top
100 circular urban economy cases in Europe! Let’s
transform society together

—Charlie Gullström, research and innovation strategist at Sweco.