February 2024

How Partnerships Like DUT Can Support the EU Missions?

DUT was highlighted as a partnership with synergies to the EU Cities Mission at a mutual learning event organised by The TRAnsnational cooperation on the MIssions approach (TRAMI). As a next step, TRAMI will showcase the latest results on EU Missions and success stories at The European Mission Forum, in Brussels. Read Comments and Insights from the mutual learning event. 


The TRAnsnational cooperation on the MIssions approach (TRAMI), an EU-funded project, focuses on national governance of the 5 EU Missions, exchanging knowledge and offering mutual learning opportunities. One of the 5 EU Missions focuses on supporting the journey of 100 cities becoming climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

DUT was highlighted as one case where there are synergies between partnerships and missions at the event ‘Exploring synergies between european partnerships and EU Missions – mutual learning‘, organized by ERRIN and TRAMI on the 7th of February, in Brussels. 


First insights into synergies between DUT and EU Cities Mission

One of the ways the DUT partnership is supporting the EU Cities Mission is through informal exchanges between key actors, such as those involved in NetZero Cities, CapaCITIES and more. In addition, several partners within the DUT partnership are strongly connecting DUT and mission activities on national level.

However, DUT projects or activities are not often seen as part of the EU mission portfolio. This may be the case with Positive Energy District projects, which can indirectly support cities becoming climate-neutral. In addition, there isn’t a common platform for all involved initiatives to exchange and align on strategic level both the mission priorities and DUT.

European partnerships could play an strategic role implementing EU Missions

European partnerships such as DUT can be a mechanism for implementing EU Missions, and the strategic role of the partnerships for the mission implementation was emphasised during the discussions at TRAMI’s event.

Some of the key takeaways were that the role of National Contact Points (NCPs) needs to be better utilised for creating/strengthening the synergies as they can bridge between Horizon Europe work programme and partnership activities. However, NPCs are often not very much connected to partnerships.

Discussions highlighted the importance of understanding and utilising the regional eco-systems to maximise the impact of both the missions and partnerships. The potential synergies that can be created are numerous and depend on the rationale and timeframe of the partnerships and mission activities. For instance, shared membership services, joint capacity building events, and a more visible and simplified portfolio of funded projects and activities. However, joint programming for these purposes can be challenging from a legal and operational perspective.

Next steps: The European Mission Forum

After 2 years of knowledge sharing activities, The TRAnsnational cooperation on the MIssions approach (TRAMI) will showcase the latest results on EU Missions and success stories at The European Mission Forum, in Brussels. Discussions in parallel sessions will follow presentations by speakers from the European Commission, DUT and other institutions.

The event is organised as part of the Belgian European Commission Presidency.

7 March, 9:00 – 17:30, Brussels

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