July 2023

Mapping of Practice in 15-minute City and Circular Urban Economies

DUT’s aim is to develop skills and tools for central urban challenges that can be used and shared with urban stakeholders for application. Therefore, it is a key activity from the beginning of the partnership, to develop a sound, yet adaptive overview of the mosaic of international practical definitions, strategies, instruments, experience of implementation and challenges for R&I connected to the Transition Pathways.  

This is currently done in the mapping on 15-minute City practice: An expert group, coming from Technical University Munich, University of Westminster and Porto-based Instituto da Construcao, has taken over this activity in support of the DUT team. They started their work in May 2023 and will be at it for one year, elaborating outputs on a mapping report of European practice on 15-minute City concepts and connected fields of policies, deep dive case studies of a few cities and a dissemination webinar in spring 2024. Stay tuned for updates! 

For now, we invite you to participate in the 15-minute City mapping survey, an integral part of the DUT 15-minute C mapping project. The primary objective of this survey is to establish a comprehensive understanding of the 15-minute City concept and its associated policies. Moreover, we need your experience to gather valuable insights into successful implementation practices in various European cities. Click here to get to the survey!