April 2024

Navigating the 15-minute City: First Learnings and Discussions from the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership

The position paper provides an overview of DUT’s work in the 15-minute City Transition Pathway so far, draws a conclusion and learnings from the first two years of activities, and gives an outlook of what can be expected to come. The authors of this publication aim to sharpen and share their positions on the 15-minute City concept and pave the way towards future policy recommendations in DUT.

About the publication

In a co-creation process, the authors of this publication identified and highlighted the research, municipal, national and european perspectives on the 15-minute City concept, brought in by different stakeholders working in the field of urban mobility.

In addition, they present the results of six Critical Issues to operationalise and implement the concept that will require  further attention in the upcoming years, such as social justice, the involvement of people and organising the urban mobility transition.

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