April 2024

DUT Projects On the Spotlight: Projects Catalogue

An outstanding collaboration effort led to the start of 48 research and innovation projects this year.  Delve into key figures, project goals and expected results in  DUT’s newly published Project Catalogue.


  • The first DUT Project Catalogue presents an overview of all partners involved in 48 projects and expected results.
  • 26+ countries, 100+ Cities and Municipalities, and 500+ organisations in DUT projects are committed to support national initiatives and contribute to the European Mission of climate-neutral cities, the European Green Deal, and the Urban Agenda for the EU.
  • These projects will be active until 2026 and address some of the critical challenges that cities face in terms of energy, circularity, and mobility.
  • 13 projects focus on Positive Energy Districts (PED), 23 projects focus on the 15-minute City (15minC) and 12 projects focus on Circular Urban Economies (CUE)


» DUT Projects Catalogue