November 2023

Welcome to DUT – Urban Doers 2023!

We are pleased to update you on the recent developments within the Urban Doers Community, our newest initiative to include this very important group of hands-on working people into the DUT Partnership. The objective is to support urban initiatives by facilitating connections to research and innovation, while providing a platform for knowledge sharing across Europe.

In our pilot this year, we successfully started working with 20 initiatives, beginning in October. A panel of experts and partners from the DUT Partnership conducted the selection process, carefully evaluating 190 applications from 24 countries.

The selected initiatives cover a spectrum of topics related to urban transitions, including local energy innovations, sustainable transportation, circular approaches, and nature-inspired solutions. The diversity of projects reflects a broad interest in addressing urban challenges through innovative actions.

Our kick-off event took place on 30 October 2023 in Vienna, providing the Urban Doers with an opportunity for collaborative exchanges of ideas and experiences. Looking ahead, we anticipate further engagement with the Urban Doers at upcoming DUT activities and events in 2024, including the DUT Conference in Brussels.

We appreciate the strong interest and participation from across Europe, and we look forward to the progress and impact of these initiatives in the urban areas!