Core Country

Coordinating structure: Mirror Mission Cities Hub Romania (M100) – is set up by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization (MCID) and the platform with the same name is hosted by the Executive Unit for the Financing of Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI). The aim of the Hub is to connect the national and regional authorities that work to support the Mission Cities’ implementation at national level. The Romanian hub plans to reach out and facilitate the dialogue between the authorities, academia and civil society that support cities in their fight towards climate neutrality with the ultimate goal to reach to all cities in Romania that aim to join the climate neutrality objectives. M100 will offer support to the three cities and municipalities selected within the European Mission, but more importantly, to the candidate cities, as well as to other cities in Romania that have the ambition to achieve climate neutrality. The goal is to spread the knowledge to as many cities in Romania as possible. M100 wants to become a platform for experimentation, facilitation and information, a hub of expertise for the benefit of cities that are engaged in the effort to achieve climate targets by 2030 or 2050, based on the principle of partnership, transparency and participatory governance.

National partner supporting the Cities Mission Cities Mission: Ministry of European Investments and Projects (MIPE) and Ministry of Development, Public Work and Administration (MDLPA).