Join the AGORA: DUT’s Stakeholder Involvement Platform

AGORA is a space for urban stakeholders with diverese backgrounds to meet, exchange, identify and discuss priorities, and work together on the most pressing urban challenges of today and the future.

Urban development is a complex matter and so is urban research and innovation. To achieve impact and find reasonable ways to tackle pressing urban issues and challenges of today and tomorrow, a holistic model of partnership respecting the necessity to reflect current developments and catalyse opportunities is needed. Thus, the Agora will follow these key principles:

    • Facilitating the widening of participation and capacity building in terms of countries, regions, stakeholders and urban actors
    • Providing an ecosystem and environment for co-creation and multi-stakeholder involvement, in particular considering the four main stakeholder groups – science, cities, civil society and business.
    • Anticipating the different logics and needs of the different countries, stakeholders and urban actors.
    • Mobilising the different actors for contributing to the defined implementation activities of the Strategic Research and Innovation Strategy.

The AGORA Dialogues are spaces for researchers, practitioners, public administrators, planners, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and more to comme together and identify and work jointly on priorities and the most pressing urban challenges of today and the future.