The Positive Energy Districts Transition Pathway (PED)

The Positive Energy Districts transition pathway (PED) aims to optimise the local energy system through energy efficiency, flexibility and local energy generation from renewables in actions towards the (urban) energy transition and climate-neutrality and mainstreaming these actions in urban planning processes.

PED development strongly builds on the cooperation of key stakeholder groups like public administrations, real estate developers and utilities. PED aims at supporting urban energy transitions through innovative solutions for the planning, large-scale implementation, and replication of PEDs with the mission to bring forward at least 100 PEDs by 2025. Furthermore, it will contribute to the Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by building a portfolio of PED-related solutions towards climate-neutrality.


PED is coordinated by Christoph Gollner, FFG email –

How to get involved!

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