Urban Lunch Talk #26

Envisioning a Sustainable Future: PEDs and Climate-Neutral Cities


25 April | 12:00-13:00 (CET) | Online (Zoom)

Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Huge efforts on many levels are needed to achieve this goal, and one thing we know: cities will play a crucial role in this endeavour. The European Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities strives for more than 100 frontrunner cities to reach this goal already by 2030. Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are important building blocks for the climate-neutral city, as the PED concept focuses on neighbourhood-level solutions for optimised energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and engages local communities to share and trade energy.

But what exactly defines a Positive Energy District, and how do its strategies relate to climate-neutral neighbourhoods? Why is it interesting to focus on the district level, and how do PEDs contribute to a just transition?

This Urban Lunch Talk will address these questions and explore the intricate intersection of climate-neutrality, PEDs, and the broader vision of sustainable, liveable cities. Together, we will explore the relevance of PEDs in accelerating the transition to climate-neutral cities and discuss ways to support their implementation.



  • Hanne Mangelschots, Civil engineer-architect, Architecture Workroom Brussels & Researcher at UGent
  • Simon Schneider, Researcher at University of Applied Sciences Vienna
  • Anneloes van Noordt, Researcher at the Department of Environment and Spatial Development of Flanders
  • Christoph Gollner, Transition Pathway Coordinator, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership



  • Jennifer Wendelius, Communications Officer, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership


Urban Lunch Talk webinar series

This Urban Lunch Talk is part of a webinar series to discuss and synthesise cross-cutting research and innovation, with diverse stakeholders across Europe and beyond. By facilitating conversations among various stakeholders, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts and practical solutions that can drive sustainable transitions in urban policies and practices. The webinar is designed to be more of a listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your lunch or take a walk at the same time. The Urban Lunch Talk is live recorded on Zoom, and later published on the Driving Urban Transitions YouTube channel.

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