Urban Lunch Talk #27

New Perspectives and Approaches on Urban Transitions – What Is Needed for Policy Making?


27 May | 12:00-13:00 (CET) | Online (Zoom)

Welcome to a new episode of the Urban Lunch Talks series addressing new perspectives and approaches on urban transitions. The talk will follow up on a session about the topic at the Driving Urban Transitions Conference 2024 – in order to develop further what is needed for policy making.

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After an interesting session at the Driving Urban Transitions Conference in Brussels about projects pushing the boundaries for new perspectives and approaches on urban transitions, there is a need to speak further about how change will come through policy making. For the conversations in the upcoming Urban Lunch Talk about how to move forward for policy making, representants from the city/region, state and international levels are invited for a panel discussion.

Stay tuned for more information about the topic and the panel guests.


Panel guests

  • Annika Enqvist, Research and Education Coordinator, Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Jenny Kornmacher, Innovations Director, EIT Culture & Creativity
  • Officer from Umeå City (tbc)



  • Johannes Riegler, Management Board Member, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership


Urban Lunch Talk webinar series

This Urban Lunch Talk is part of a webinar series to discuss and synthesise cross-cutting research and innovation, with diverse stakeholders across Europe and beyond. By facilitating conversations among various stakeholders, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts and practical solutions that can drive sustainable transitions in urban policies and practices. The webinar is designed to be more of a listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your lunch or take a walk at the same time. The Urban Lunch Talk is live recorded on Zoom, and later published on the JPI Urban Europe Youtube channel.