DUT Call 2024 – Circular Urban Economies

The Circular Urban Economies Transition Pathway (CUE TP) aims to support cities to become more resource efficient and reduce their impact on the planet. CUE encourages cities to implement circular measures that address socio-economic inequalities, promote social cohesion, and improve access to urban resources, services, and green and blue spaces. The CUE topics in the DUT Call 2024 are focused around creating a new paradigm for urban water cycles; urban biodiversity and circular models for regeneration, repurposing, protection and conservation within urban space; as well as multi-city strategies for circular economy monitoring and management.


Circular Urban Economies Call Topics

Topic 1: Creating a new paradigm for urban water cycles

Topic 2: Circular models for regenerating, repurposing, protecting and conserving urban space for biodiversity

Topic 3: Multi-city strategies for circular urban economy monitoring and management